Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is coming, but many Teacher Appreciation comments included the words “heart” or “love” in descriptions of why a nominated Quebec Educator is AWESOME!

It’s clear that the teachers highlighted in this second of three Teacher and School Staff Appreciation posts in our 2016 series (read part one here) are passionate about their job and love their students, too!

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Lucy Hurley, CDC Pont Viau, SWLSB

She, without a doubt, is an amazing teacher. She has great patience, and a smile to warm your heart. I have learned so much from her. Her teaching methods are outstanding, up to date, and professional. I am lucky to have had the chance to have been taught by such an extraordinary woman.

Lucy is a great role model and someone to look up to. Lucy truly is a very talented teacher who has worked hard to be where she is today. Lucy is someone I could confide in and ask any questions I may have. She would always answer to the best of her knowledge and if by chance Lucy didn’t know, she would get back to us after researching the answers. She goes out of her way for her students. She makes sure we are prepared for anything and everything. Lucy can always share a laugh with us and, as we know, laughter is the best medicine.

Debbie Ellison, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

She is patient, kind, understanding and has a heart of gold for not only her class students but everyone!

Helen Stavaris, Dawson College

She is such a hard working teacher, who makes her classes so fun and easy to understand. Every single day, she arrives to class with a smile and is ready to make others smile. She wants nothing but the best for her students, and tries her hardest to help them succeed.
She has the biggest heart, and is such an all-around genuine person.

Amanda Craighead, Souvenir Elementary, SWLSB

She revived my son’s love for learning, his trust in an educator and showed compassion, understanding, and acceptance. She treated children with kindness and invigorated her classroom and curriculum with laughter and music and welcomed self-expression and supported comfort fit for individual needs. She is my son’s hero, in his own words. She set a standard and has earned a special place in our hearts and memories at a most impressionable time.

Anne Rainville, Beechwood School, LBPSB

She is passionate about teaching. She gives of herself. She is patient and kind and gives her heart to her students. As a parent this means a lot to me. Please nominate her!!!!!!

Leslie Sklavounos, John F. Kennedy Elementary, SWLSB

She is motivating, fun, silly, and makes these kids feel comfortable with themselves. My shy daughter has come out of her shell and loves going to school every day. Miss Leslie also teaches the students about rules and respect and gives them enough homework to learn but still have fun doing so! She goes above and beyond her role as a teacher. She is a mom, a psychologist, a teacher, and a friend. She truly teaches from the heart.

Lise Albert, St. Charles School, LBPSB

Mme. Lise is an amazing teacher at St-Charles school. My daughter loves her and I am so happy that she is her teacher. She has a talent and makes it fun to learn.

Mélanie Prégent, St. Willibrord, NFSB

She takes the time in her busy schedule to email parents back promptly, answering any of their concerns which I appreciate so much. My daughter says she is a fair teacher and loves that she gets involves with the rest of the school by extracurricular activities such as Choir.

Sylvie Laucella, Terry Fox Elementary, LBPSB

She runs an amazing kindergarten class with such ease, love and care. It is amazing to see her teach the kids, be firm, but caring at the same time. I have no idea how she does it. It is like watching something magical.

The kids adore her and she is so organized and efficient that the kids are not just learning but excelling. Truly an exceptional teacher who deserves to be recognized!

Kelly Norman, Springdale Elementary, LBPSB

Kelly is a Phys. Ed. teacher and she goes above and beyond with the children with the parents and to help anyone. She has the biggest heart and a smile on her face no matter what is going on. She’s phenomenal and she deserves to be recognized. Kelly personally helped me out this year teaching me mediation methods in helping with my son who has some special needs she wanted to help me and show me how I can help him to be calm. Just one of those things that she does that she didn’t need to but it’s who she is!

Delcia Thibault, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

When I was in second grade, Miss Thibault made all the difference in the world to me. She gave me more than a teacher gives. She gave me her heart! Yes, she really cared and I will never forget her.

Antonella Mastrangelo, Good Shepherd School, RSB

She is caring, attentive, and we love how she encourages her first-graders to practice reading with daily stickers and rewards.

Scott Lambton, Riverview Elementary, LBPSB

He’s the Phys. Ed. teacher. The kids love his class. They can’t wait for gym. It’s a lot of fun. He jokes with the kids.

Gloria Cuccarolo, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

She is a teacher that truly cares about her students; she wants them to not just learn, but to understand and use what they are being taught. She wants all of us to be successful and to appreciate everything in life. She has confidence and determination and she keeps things real. She is truly amazing because she is one of the most caring and considerate teachers I know, and she is devoted in everything she does for her students. We love her.

Ginette Purdy, Royal West Academy, EMSB

Never have I met an educator that devotes as much of her love, life, and energy into the hundreds of students she has an impact on. I graduated four years ago and I still think about her at least 3 times a week, through the life lessons she taught me and the memories I had while learning from her. I will never in my life be able to thank her for the continuing presence in my life.

Darren McCready, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

Mr. McCready is a kind, thoughtful, and patient teacher who the kids all love. He has his students’ best interests at heart at all times and always finds a way to get through to them. It is great to have a male role model in the elementary school setting and I’m grateful that he is my daughter’s teacher.

Linda Cotter, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Mrs. Cotter has been a part of my family’s life since she taught my son Joshua in grade 1. He’s now in Grade 6. Mrs. Cotter is still in his life, whether to congratulate him on when he has an awesome grade, send a little pick me up note when he’s sick, or to make a point of saying hello to him when she sees him around the school. She is the reason that he LOVES to read. We adore Mrs. Cotter and she will always be THAT teacher who made a difference in Joshua’s elementary education.

Fannie-Eve Prévost, Ste. Adèle Elementary School, SWLSB

A very special person who’s dedication to helping children learn a second language takes her to every grade in her school, (k-6). Small schools give teachers the opportunity to reach all students and get to know them well. She is loved and respected by all she meets.

Natalie Henri, REACH School, RSB

REACH school is so blessed to have Natalie as our Physical Education teacher! She exudes energy, passion, and a love for physical fitness which she not only passes off to our students every single day but to our amazing staff who work here as well! You can find her in her office working on a new gym project for the students, planning for Défi Sportif, or preparing a work out plan for our “staff” kick butt Thursdays. This woman never stops working, creating, and planning for us! We so appreciate everything she does and want her to know she ROCKS!

Alex Leiva, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, LBPSB

  • Always goes the extra mile.
  • Gets to know the children individually.
  • Gives all his attention to them.
  • Listens to parents concerns and works with them to best help our children.
  • Made a huge difference in my son’s life.
  • Never gives up on the kids and always encourages them.
  • You can tell how much he loves teaching and the students in his classes.
  • Always attentive and there when they need him most.
  • Teaches according to how the students learn best.

Editor’s Note: This post has been hijacked by LEARNers who want to show one of their own a wee bit of LOVE too. Dianne had no knowledge of this addition to the post 🙂

Dianne Conrod, Principal, LEARN

I feel blessed to call Dianne a colleague and friend, and have come to rely on her experience and guidance in my own work as a pedagogical consultant. Dianne is a fierce advocate for her teachers, a compassionate and well-informed sounding board for parents, and a caring mentor to all of her students. She infuses whatever she works on with a sense of joy and models gratitude daily. Her dance moves aren’t too shabby either. She is… simply the best!  -Kristine Thibeault

Thank you so much Dianne for all you do for our students, for the online teachers and particularly for me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say “Thank goodness we have Dianne ” You are always there for us. You are a great listener. And best of all, you always find the perfect solution. I am the #luckiestteacherintheworld. Thank you! I appreciate you and your hard work!  – Peggy Drolet

Dear Dianne,
One thing that I have quickly noticed from the first time we met is how devoted you are for your team <3 How can I not be appreciative of all this TLC?!? Not only did you bring me to feel comfortable while entering the virtual teaching world, you keep making sure I progress in my learning like the best teachers do! Thank you for being there and letting me be part of the A-team!    – Natalie Dahlstedt

As principal for LEARN’s online school, Dianne Conrod collaborates and coordinates with school administrators, students, and teachers in more than 20 locations around the province. No easy feat, but Dianne manages to do this on a regular basis and to do it exceptionally well. She is the most organized, composed, encouraging, and innovative educator that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks, Dianne!  – Kerry Cule

I know exactly what Dianne’s thinking as she’s reading this – “But this week is for teachers, and I’m not a teacher anymore!” Wrong. Dianne, you teach us every day how to lead. You show us, by your example, every day, how to stay positive, keep improving, and keep “caring” at the very top of our to-do lists. Your lessons don’t take place in a classroom, but they’re powerful and abiding nevertheless. Thank you for being OUR teacher.   – Audrey McLaren

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