A word that I enjoy, and like to use, is sticktoitiveness.  Also written as stick-to-it-ive-ness, it means perseverance and tenacity. As educators, we don’t want our students to give up easily as soon as they start to experience difficulty, and we have to model that for them. Whether we are striving to deal with classroom behaviour, to help students learn a challenging concept, or to learn new technology for ourselves, we can show that we will not give up AND that success can actually be much sweeter following a struggle. 

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Sophie Montembeault, Wilder Penfield Elementary School, LBPSB

My child is not the easiest to deal with. He is one of the youngest in his class and it shows in his level of maturity. He doesn’t always listen, he never sits still, likes to talk and play when he should be doing his work, likes to wrestle and fight with his friends no matter how much he’s told not to (he’s an all-around butt head of a student). I think a lot of educators would have given up on him by now, but Mme Sophie has been trying and continues to try and keep his focus, to find what interests him and keeps in contact with me to keep me updated and let me know how and what I can do at home to help. Since the beginning of the school year, I went from having a child who wanted nothing to do with learning, to a boy who is now reading (slowly but he’s doing it), spelling, correcting our French at home when we talk to him, counting, adding, subtracting and all-around loving everything to do with math. All of this wouldn’t have happened without the caring, loving and devoted dedication of a wonderful teacher.

Thank you for not giving up on my boy.

Lynn L’Esperence (Claude), Howard S. Billings, NFSB

Lynn is a truly remarkable and amazing person who is currently the Senior Vice Principal for the school. As an Educator, Lynn has always managed to give a situation that special “spin” that makes people smile. “It’s all about the spin” is one of her many mottos and she has become an expert in using them making life throughout the school that much more enjoyable for all.

“When students actually thank you for being suspended, you know that you are doing something right.”

Lynn is a caring, dedicated and hardworking intelligent woman who has never given up no matter how tough things may seem. Her unique laughter is often heard echoing throughout the office, staff room, hallways and even classes making others smile even if they didn’t want to. Her positive energy is contagious and a driving force in the school.

As the Head Teacher for the Direction Alternative Program, she personally helped students deal with personal issues as well as teaching them the required subjects. What the program lost upon her departure, the entire school gained as she became Vice Principal. Her impact on the school, staff and students was truly felt when she left us for a year to work at another school, but she discovered that her heart had remained with our school and returned the next year to the joy and cheers of the entire staff.

I have personally, as have many other staff, parents and students alike, experienced her caring ways and we can all honestly say that our lives have been immensely enriched and even changed for the better by her presence.

If every educator was but a fraction of the person she is, education as a whole in this province would break all achievement records, that I am absolutely sure of.

Peggy Drolet, LEARN

Mrs. Drolet is so awesome because she’s such a nice generous teacher and she’s so organized. Whenever I’m stuck on something, no matter what it is, she will always find a way for me to understand it and get it down pat. Thanks for everything, Mrs. Drolet!

Melissa Beaulieu, Beacon Hill Elementary School, LBPSB

My son had Melissa as his grade 2 teacher when she was at St. Edmund’s. She didn’t just teach him, she helped him grow as a person. He bloomed that year, developing a new confidence and sense of self. She helped him find his voice. We will always remember that as a great year.

Debbie Gallagher-Bulnes, St. Jude School, RSB

Ms. Debbie has been teaching my son Logan for 2 years now, and she’s been such a positive presence in his life, that I wanted to acknowledge her on a larger platform than just sending her a thank you note. She truly brings out the best in him and encourages him to keep working hard and never give up. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for Logan!

Laurie Finlayson, Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Learning Centre, NFSB

Laurie’s dedication to her class is unparalleled. She took on the SFIS class (Adults with Special Needs) only a few days before school began and hit the ground running. Her students are encouraged to communicate and integrate with the other students. She goes above and beyond always the first in the building in the morning and the last to leave! She plans activities that she knows will enrich her student’s lives as well as help setting the tone in the whole school. Her class room door is always open and her classroom is the centre of the school at lunch hour. ALL students are welcome to visit and play games or relax.
She is a very humble person and always prefers to be in the background, but deserves to be celebrated!!

Natasha Lo Basso, Riverdale High School, LBPSB

Natasha teaches the 3-year program at Riverdale, which is a specialized program for students who start high school with academic delays. It’s a 7-8-9 class with children at various levels. Natasha is incredibly dedicated, and she finds creative ways to reach these children and perhaps most importantly, make them want to learn. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for my son and all the children in the class. She is truly making a difference in their lives.

Christos Papafilipakis, Lake of Two Mountains High School, LBPSB

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind teacher. He taught my sister and me, as well as 2 of my stepsisters who are 15 years older than I am. When I told them he was my English teacher they were still ranting about what an incredible teacher he is 15 years later. He has a teaching style that works for every student, he makes learning a subject that’s potentially extremely boring very fun and enjoyable. He manages to get along with every student and is able to tell you your strengths, not only your weaknesses. I could write a book on what a great experience it was being in his class but I’m sure the only way to truly understand is to be one of his students. I hope he’s chosen!

Kim Grenier, ACCESS Adult Education, RSB

Kim Grenier is AWESOME. She brings joy wherever she passes. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she cares for every student. She has a creative mind and she is able to create positive relationships that can definitely change students’ lives.

Kim has been working with students with special needs in a Socio-vocational Program and reinventing the meaning of actualization every day.

Cheers to Kim Grenier!

photo by Gerd Altmann

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