Teacher appreciation week continues on the LEARN blog! Quebec teachers, you’ve been working hard! March break is coming, but before that well-deserved rest, please know that all of your hard work is paying off.  Parents, colleagues, administration, and most importantly, your students, see and appreciate the extra time and effort that you put in every single day… including weekends. Thank you.

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Shanna Lavallee, Netagamiou School, Commission Scolaire du Littoral

This teacher goes above and beyond for her students. She has after school activities every day. She has homework assistance, tutoring supervisor, and Science club. She has great ideas and is able to see where the students need to go to accomplish them.

Anny Boivin, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

Both of my children had/have Mme. Anny. She is an extraordinary teacher who goes beyond her means on her method of teaching which encourages the students to excel, whether it be by incentives or creative ideas to help them comprehend the exercises. She uses materials, work papers that she herself will research and extract, to help the students further their education. Her means of communication is via ClassDojo which keeps you up-to date on the students’ progress, activities and behaviour. Excellent teacher!

Tasha Ausman, Philemon Wright High School, WQSB / LEARN Tutoring

Tasha has been amazing as my son’s tutor for Sec. V math. She takes the time to clearly explain the problems and ensure they are understood. She is patient and extremely helpful.
Thank you, Tasha.

John Whittaker, Nova Career Centre, NFSB  

John goes above and beyond what is expected of him to give his students the best of himself and the best of his experience. He is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to help his students enjoy every moment of his class time. He has a hard working mind but he is also compassionate and will go out of his way to help people. John is by far one of a kind, and students always have positive things to say about their time with him and how much he helps people.
He goes out of his way even off duty to help. He’s truly an amazing guy.

All teachers and support staff at Flemming Elementary, ESSB

A HUGE.. HUGE thank you to my son’s teachers and all the staff at Flemming Elementary. Ms. Kathy Fequet is my son’s teacher this year and we are so happy about this. She goes above and beyond every day to help Logan’s transitioning at school and to adapt her teaching to meet his many needs. No matter the day or circumstances she is there every morning to greet her class with a friendly smile. Also a huge thank you to Mr Cody, his PhysEd teacher, and Madame Manon, his FSL teacher. I know to incorporate Logan in the class is not always the easiest task but you both invest so much time to ensure he is happy. He is very fortunate to have you 3 as teachers.

The Flemming Elementary staff is an amazing team who invest so much time in the students and their classrooms and today I just want to say a big thank you to you all. Your kindness and generosity does not go unnoticed. It’s a great feeling to know when your child enters these school doors that they are in such great hands.

Clementina Fraga, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

As director of Daycare, she is dedicated to her job and love for the children. She reaches out and is respectful to both parents and students. She is a helpful resource in guiding the students with a loving discipline method and with very well thought out examples to help the children understand their actions or non-actions. She not only does her job during lunch and daycare but throughout her whole day. She rolls up her sleeves and steps outside to see the children at play. Keep up the amazing work you do!

Louise Outland, LBPSB / LEARN Tutoring

and Esperança MacIntosh, McDowell Elementary School, WQSB / LEARN Tutoring

Very kind, understanding and very good teaching skills.

Keith Bellamy, Rosemere High School, SWLSB

He always makes his classes entertaining and he truly supports his students. His positive reinforcement has brought me far in my writing assignments.

Amanda Foster, Emmanuel Christian School, QAIS / LEARN Tutoring

Amanda takes the time to clearly explain Sec. III math to my daughter. This has helped tremendously by following the steps and clearly explaining how the math is to be solved. This has helped to instill the confidence needed to work on math and achieve the goal of better understanding and better marks.
Thank you, Amanda!

Andréa Giroux, ACCESS Adult Education, RSB

Andréa is a new teacher to Adult Education and is an incredible teacher.
Her optimistic and positive personality is a great addition to any team. She is passionate by her students’ success as well as their learning process. She is engaged and creates motivating and interactive learning activities and fosters a safe and stimulating community to learn French as a second language.
Her dynamism and authenticity are her students’ best allies for a successful journey.

Natalie Ettienne, Access Riverside, RSB

Do not know where to begin, there is so much to say! I have had the pleasure of being in her classrooms in total for almost four years. She is a nursing teacher and I have learned so much from her. She can be tough at times, but only to show you that you can do it. She has the biggest heart, takes the time to listen, and she never makes anyone feel less worthy. Her kindness is out of this world. Her ability to teach, show her students how things are done, or how to treat people, is more than amazing. I have taken the time to tell her all of this, but being rewarded for all her great work would be the icing on her cake. Teachers should be more rewarded for the hard work they do. She deserves it big time.

To this day I keep in contact with her and am very blessed to call her my friend and, most of all, my mentor. Being a nurse today is all because of her. The encouragement and the patience she has, made me want to be just like her. Glad to say that I am.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life for the better and letting me see that nursing was my calling.


Melanie Jean, St. Jude School, RSB 

Melanie is a dedicated and caring teacher. She is willing to provide support to her colleagues, students and families in the community as needed. She shares her passion for learning in any way possible including using her love of all things Disney to inspire her students. Everything is a learning experience for Melanie’s students. They have had the help of a classroom hedgehog to learn sounds and vocabulary, explored the world of flexible classroom seating, and uncovered that taking risks in learning is rewarding. Melanie, with her creativity and energy, spreads a little magical pixie dust over all of her grade one students each day! Merci, Mme. Melanie!



And last, but certainly not least, our leader at LEARN, Michael Canuel

This person is rarely referred to as a teacher, so I wish to do so. The educational work he does impacts Anglophone students and parents throughout the province. His leadership and dedication ensure solid educational support for the entire community. He has tirelessly led groups of teachers and the LEARN staff for over a decade. He has made LEARN the essential body it is today. For as long as I can remember, he has praised the online teachers, the LEARN directors, consultants, and support staff without ever being cited during Teacher Appreciation Week. He is one of the best teachers anyone will ever meet. He teaches the teachers. He really cares about Quebec students – young and old!

If you know an educator who is overdue for some words of encouragement to “Keep up the hard work!” it’s not too late! Please add your comment of praise and support here.