It’s Teacher Appreciation Time! Depending on your school or school board, Quebec celebrates Teacher and School Staff Appreciation 2016 either the week of February 1 or February 8. After reading all of the amazing shout-outs collected over the past few weeks, it would seem that we should be celebrating Quebec educators every week. male_teacher_with_elem_kids

Enjoy this first of three blog posts (blog #2 here; blog #3 here) with messages of appreciation written by students, parents, colleagues, and commissioners. I thought that this first post should be kicked off with a student’s recognition that all of her teachers are there to help!

ALL My Teachers, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

My teachers are so awesome because they all want to ensure the success of the students. They always try their best to make sure you have all you need to pass. They always want the best for their students. Most students take it for granted and don’t appreciate what the teachers do for them. So I’m doing it for them.

Danielle Chaput, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Danielle is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and ways to engage her students in Math. When she finds new websites, tech ideas or thinks of a new creative way to get kids to be more engaged in math, she shares these things with her colleagues. She makes math relevant for her students and helps them see “when they will use it” in their real life. She is enthused and works very hard to have all her students see success!

Lina Monaco, Terry Fox Elementary, SWLSB

Miss Lina is an awesome kindergarten teacher. Always there for the kids she is caring and reassuring, especially for parents who are facing a new step in their children’s lives. My 3 children were all blessed to start their school journey with Miss Lina as their teacher and mentor. She has also become a great friend over the years and deserves to be recognized.

David Armour, John Grant High School, EMSB

He has gone above and beyond to support the students and the school community, this year acting as head teacher as the school awaits a replacement vice-principal with the right training for the school’s student body. He exemplifies what we seek in any teacher- compassion, skill, and commitment.

Steve Scallion, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

He makes everything he talks about interesting and listens to students’ advice on his subject. He often talks about current events and helps us understand not just what happened in history but how it affects us today. He is honestly the best teacher I have ever had.

Ellen Alexandra Furlong, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Alexandra is a very dynamic and energetic teacher. She pushes her students to have a desire to learn. As an English teacher, she brings fictional characters to life and gives them voices so her students are able to actually experience the written words of others. This is not always easy to do, but she is constantly challenging herself to find ways to engage her students and create bonds with them.

Maria Enea, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

She really cares about our education and our success inside and outside of school.

Chrissy Mohammed, Good Shepherd School, RSB

Ms. Mohammed is a teacher in the NEST program and she is helping my ADHD child learn to function in a classroom setting. She recognizes his strong points and uses them to boost his self -esteem.

Roxanne Boulos, Sunshine Academy, LBPSB

This teacher does go the extra mile for her students and other staff members. She’s always there for an extra helping hand without question.

Ben Nino Bartucci, Saint-Lambert International High School, RSB

He is wonderful with the students. He offers significant and compelling lessons to students that have had the reputation of not being easy to teach. He is great at creating ties and wonderful at attaching them back to school. More so, he does this with grade 9 students who are at a crossroad in life. Adding to this, he is an inspiration to fellow teachers, and a role-model to look up to as a less experienced educator. In 15 years, I want to be like Ben!

Louise Boutin, Riverview Elementary School, LBPSB

She is firm with a soft touch. She evaluates each child and involves them accordingly. She involves the older students to help younger ones: they learn to give back.


She has a very sweet nature. She’s a kind and gentle soul and when she spoke of my son it was clear she deeply cared for him (as she does for all her students). What else can a parent ask for?

Laurie King, Lake of Two Mountains High School, SWLSB

She is what every teacher should be. She does more for any student. She stays after school to tutor. She started and runs the breakfast program. She believes that all students deserve a chance. She did a fundraiser for two students so they could go to grad. She is a true angel.

Vanessa Jothy, Selwyn House, QAIS

Art can often be put on the back-burner at an all-boys school which emphasizes the athletics department, but this never discourages Ms. Jothy! Ms. Jothy knows that some of the students (and their parents) are interested in having more art than is normally offered in the school schedule. She offers students the chance to create during their breaks/after-school, use any of the materials for their own independent projects, and she creates amazing school-wide collaborative initiatives – including her plans to complete a Mosaic Selfie Wall Mural where she will showcase how she taught students, teachers, and parents how to create traditional mosaic self-portraits. She is often the last person to leave to make sure her students and her colleagues are well looked after.

Laura Cardillo, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

Miss Cardillo is a dedicated teacher who sees the potential in all her students. She has the best ideas and challenges her students to be the best they can be!

Alexandra Bardaklis, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

Miss Bardaklis is an amazing teacher. She works with the children and focuses her attention on their specific needs in order for them to succeed at their full potential.

Lucie Brisebois, Mount Bruno School, RSB

She takes the time to call all her students before the first day of class. She scheduled a 30 minute meeting with each interested parent and takes the time to call parents to update them of the progress of their child. She goes above and beyond even outside of work hours.

Natalie Losier, Ste. Adèle Elementary School, SWLSB

A dedicated and talented teacher, she has developed a number of projects within her school. (Green team focused on protecting the environment; Kindergarten “vernissage” where children present their work both art and sculpture on various themes). Natalie has also expanded the art project to Morin Heights Elementary kindergarten students.

Tracy Dow, St. Willibrord, NFSB

She explains herself very well and tries to help out her students whenever she can.

Stephen Matthews, CDC Lachute, SWLSB

An extraordinary teacher who constantly supports his students, encourages them to keep going and succeed. He is always willing to use his spare time to coach his students and those at his local high school, LRHS. He makes the difference for many who find learning hard.

Marie France Cousineau, St. Paul Elementary, LBPSB

Marie France is an amazing teacher. She is very passionate about her job and always gets the best out of every child. Marie France makes each child feel special. She is gentle, kind, and patient. She is always available to help and listen. Keep up the great work!! You will always be remembered.

Christofili Tzavellas, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School, SWLSB

She has patience. I used to hate math a lot but there was something almost like magic when she explains math or really anything – it so simple and clear. I wish she was my teacher in high school.

Manon Hamel, École les Pré-Verts, CS de la Capitale

Grade 6 Intensive ESL teacher – most innovative teacher I’ve met! Always searching for great apps and projects for her students, she tries new approaches in her classroom, shares her knowledge with other teachers, and, at the end of the day, still has a ton of energy to give away. I am very grateful to have worked with Manon. Her students and colleagues are extremely lucky to have her.

Pasquale Vari, Heritage Regional High School, RSB

He always puts his students first. He cares about them. He always tries his best to help his students out, whether it be with school or personal problems. He always encourages students to get involved.

Andrea Venditti, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

Always willing to help students who want to succeed!

Jennie Lee Craig, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Jennie Lee works with children who do not follow the regular curriculum. The difficulties these children face can be discouraging at times. She is always looking for new ways to present material and to help these students want to desire to continue learning. Hats off to you, Jennie, for hard work and persistence, knowing your students can do more and achieve more!

Vicki Fraser, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

She goes beyond her call of duty! Such a great support to the students, we are so lucky to have her!!

Anne Provencher, Courtland Park International, RSB

Anne is clearly an extremely devoted teacher to all the kids in her class. She is always so eager to help them and teach them and have them learn. She is a very dynamic person with both the students and the parents. She succeeds in stimulating the kids to push them just correctly to challenge themselves when needed. She has been the best teacher our kids have had so far and we hope to have other teachers like her the next few years. I have not heard one parent from her class complaining about her. We are all just so happy to have such an angel in our children’s daily life. She clearly has the best interest of the child as a top priority in her agenda.

Valérie Amyot, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.



Ian Alexander, Beurling Academy, LBPSB

Andrew Walker, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

Mrs. Vani, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

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