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Teacher Appreciation – There’s More to Teaching Than What Happens in the Classroom!

When we picture educators, perhaps we most often usually imagine them in a classroom full of students, in front of a whiteboard, or working at a desk. Many of the teachers highlighted this week, are also appreciated for what they do outside of the classroom walls. Whether the teacher coaches sports, organizes clubs, or engages students in community activities, builds confidence along with academic skills or is an expert in home-school communication and connection, all of those highlighted below have stood out as AWESOME to the families who took time to send messages of appreciation this week. There is more to learning than what happens in the classroom!

Highlighted teachers:”Keep doing what you are doing!”  Thank you!

Lindsay Woodman, Pontiac High School, WQSB

Ms. Woodman not only teaches French but encourages kindness and compassion for others in a fun way. Her students were expected to write letters to people that were affected by the Tornado last fall. Along with all their heartfelt letters, her classes made different types of cookies to donate as well. A simple gesture to show others that THEY CARE. At Christmas time, she repeated this but it was given to the elders at a Senior Home in our Community. Small acts of kindness can mean the world to a person on the receiving end.

As well as encouraging our children to be kind, she offers help to her students who need review or are struggling in class. I feel Ms. Woodman goes above and beyond her teacher duties. In my opinion, this makes her one of the best!

Photo provided by nominator


Anik Verner-Bernard, Gault Institute, NFSB

Anik on paper is a Grade 6 teacher; however, at Gault Institute she is much more than that. She is an innovative thinker, a dreamer, an active community citizen, a go-getter, an adventurer- a person that makes things happen.


Anik piloted cooking club at Gault, and is involved in homework club, drama club and student council. She wants what is best for the school and is not afraid to apply, apply and apply again for grants in order to make something happen. She believes students can learn from alternative and outside of classroom experiences. It takes a community to raise a child and Anik is a major part of our school community. The students and staff are lucky to be around her energy each day.


Will McGowan, LEARN Tutoring

Nima loves Mr. McGowan because he is able to relate to him. Mr. McGowan is also very flexible to what is important to Nima from week to week.

Finally, as a dad when I have a suggestion Mr. McGowan builds it in to his lesson plan, and I and the teachers can see the results in Nima’s ability and confidence.

Keep It Up and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Sean Cassin, Heritage Regional High School, RSB

You know a teacher is awesome when your child comes home and states, “I really like Mr. Cassin!” When asked why Mr. Cassin was so awesome, my son expressed, “Well…he knows what I do. Like, he knows my sports schedule”.

My son is fortunate to have Mr. Cassin as his basketball program coach, his school team basketball coach and for other classroom subjects. It’s teachers like Mr. Cassin that keep students engaged in school and support them to be the best they can be. Thank you, Mr. Cassin!

Beth Watson, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

“Describe why this teacher is SO awesome:”

EVERYTHING! She’s awesome in every way possible! My son has grown so much confidence in his class. All the children love her! She is strict but fair. It shows she loves her career!

Aurore Chanteigner, Edward Murphy School, EMSB

This teacher is so awesome because she takes time with students that need an extra push. She’s helped my daughter Nadia a lot.

Fallon Vechsler, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

Miss V is devoted, patient, kind, encourages the students.
She is appreciated by students and parents!

Heather Craig, Heritage Regional High School, RSB

Ms. Craig is my son’s grade 7 English teacher. From the way she communicates with parents and students, to the variety of activities the students do in her class, Ms. Craig is at the top of the AWESOME list.

Thank you for making the transition to grade 7 so exciting for my son. You are not only teaching the curriculum, but building skills that will help him be successful not only in high school but in life. You make school fun!

Kaitlin Hearty, Dr. S.E. McDowell School, WQSB

Mme. Kaitlin is a very kind, and helpful person. She is very easy to talk to and will answer any question or concern we have. Our mornings are always rushed when our son is in a hurry to get to school, and he even wants to go on weekends. She is very helpful and reassuring with each and every student and their ability to learn and grow, and is always a pleasure to talk to.

As she once told us, I say the same to her, “Keep doing what you are doing!” Great job!

Mylène Campeau, Edgewater Elementary, LBPSB

The best Kindergarten teacher for my daughter! My daughter had a hard time during her last year at daycare, before going to the “big school”. A lot of anxiety, trouble communicating and controlling her emotions, etc. After the first few days in school, I knew Mme Mylène was the perfect match for her. Her patience and calm ways are shining through my daughter and is making such a difference in her life.

It is great to see her blossom and shine the way she is and Mme Mylène has a big part to play in this success. Thank you for being the best teacher for my daughter!

Carole Bamford, Heritage Regional High School, RSB

There are so many amazing teachers at Heritage but the one that stands out the most to me is Ms. Bamford. You know a teacher is great when she/he puts effortless time into student success, and that’s what Ms. Bamford does. I am so thankful to have met her 3 years ago as a math teacher.


Read about the educators who were highlighted last week in the first post for Teacher Appreciation Week here.

If you missed out on the opportunity to send a shout-out to an appreciated staff member of your local school, feel free to add a shout-out in the comments.

Teacher Appreciation – Merci! Thank you!

This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, as highlighted by le Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur, has as its very simple theme: Thanks! Merci!

MEES Virtual Card – http://www.education.gouv.qc.ca/fileadmin/site_web/documents/education/reseau/Carte-personnalisable-AN.PDF

Expressing and recognizing gratitude has been shown to make one feel happier. It is all too easy to focus on the negative. Taking stock of all the things for which we have to be grateful will surely make us feel better.  Just think about how happy it would make someone if you shared that gratitude! 🙂

That is exactly what these happy folks did in their shout-outs for educators across Quebec, featured in our 2019 edition of LEARN’s Teacher Appreciation Blog Posts. Thank you for spreading your happiness! (We’ll post again next week, so please keep the shout-outs coming: www.learnquebec.ca/teacher-appreciation )

Johanne Lemaire, Forest Hill Junior, LBPSB

Last year at Forest Hill Junior we had a hard time to say goodbye to our phenomenal Kindergarten teacher only to find an equally amazing Grade 1 teacher. I have had the pleasure to volunteer in Mme Lemaire’s class and I am completely floored by how she manages her students. I can barely command one child and there she is leading 18 6-7 year olds and they are ALL listening to her and she has their attention immediately. Little cues to grab attention, little nudges individually to motivate, little looks to let them know they need to stop, encouragement to keep trying, tools to learn the word and sounds, books coming and going to our home, flash cards. It is almost impossible not to flourish in her atmosphere. I do reading with the children, As in all classes, some are more advanced than others. I had children who could not even read a letter at the beginning who are now reading sentences, as if it just clicked at some point for them through all her hard work. We love Mme. Lemaire and we love Forest Hill Junior. What a wonderful way to start our elementary life.

Thank you for being a perfect fit for your job, Mme Lemaire.

Carrie-Ann Novinsky, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

Ms. Carrie-Ann is a truly wonderful & special teacher in so many ways. My daughter Alexandra loves her so much! She is a very kind, calm, patient and understanding teacher among other terrific qualities. She always takes time out for her students and the parents. She has fun ideas for the students to do while learning. My daughter enjoys going to school everyday because of the amazing way Ms. Carrie-Ann teaches and by being such a sweet teacher.

Thank you Ms. Carrie-Ann for being such an amazing teacher! We love you!

Darren McCready, McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

My child was feeling anxious about starting Grade 4 so she was able to come in the day before school started to meet her teacher, Mr. McCready. He was very empathetic while reassuring her that if she felt overwhelmed, she could talk to him. After term one, we had parent/teacher interviews and my child attended it with me. The interview began with him telling me how she was doing but before ending, he talked directly to her… saying how he knew she would continue to succeed because she was a hard-worker. My daughter has always struggled in school so to hear his words and praise… it made her feel so encouraged and proud of herself.

Thank you Mr. McCready, for being a supportive and understanding teacher to my daughter! We are so grateful!

Jordan Venne, PACC, LBPSB

After many struggling years of becoming a single parent to two children with special needs, I decided to return to school to acquire my high school diploma. It took me 3 long years to achieve my diploma, but throughout all my studies, Jordan was my go to teacher, for any kind of help. I have a handful of teachers who really helped me throughout my achievements, I do not want to exclude them for their amazing guidance: Jordan, Lethisha, Isaac, John, Teddy and Gene, without all of you, I would have never made it through adult education.
My first time at PACC I met Jordan, he was my math teacher, at this time he was teaching cycle 1 math. Although I was motivated to continue my education, I was scared, shy and doubted my abilities of what I could achieve by continuing my schooling.
This awesome teacher showed the love and dedication of being a teacher by constantly reminding me I can do anything I set my mind to, as well as to believe in myself. Every time I said I could not do something or when I would doubt my ability to achieve something, he always had something inspiring to change my mind set. As an adult, those daily reminders changed my life before I even noticed myself changing. As important as that is for children growing up throughout their education, I believe in the adult sector it is equally as important. Not only did Jordan motivate me, but he took personal time on his breaks to help tutor me, even as I began higher math with other teachers.
Sadly, just when I got comfortable with Jordan helping me on my journey, he broke me the devastating news that he is leaving PACC, he was given an opportunity to work directly at the school board. When Jordan left, I found myself struggling with my math studies, so I decided to reach out to him asking him for help. This amazing teacher went above and beyond by introducing me to websites that could help me, showed me how to solve certain equations through a video he made for me just so I could succeed and understand what I was doing. Most importantly, in my emails asking for help, he always made sure to include one of his motivational speeches just to assure me that I am on the right road and not to worry.

Photo provided by nominator.

This past summer (2018) I finally graduated and yes Jordan was there, up front, watching me graduate. I was so proud of not only myself but of this awesome teacher who kept his promise by going out of his way to come and watch me walk across the stage.



This is beyond touching to have that kind of a bond with a teacher who helped curve my path in my educational road to success. Jordan, Thank you. 

Paola Casale, Leonardo-Da-Vinci Academy, EMSB

Over the course of our children’s early years, they will meet and be guided by many educators and caregivers. Sometimes, we will be fortunate enough to come across that special someone who truly leaves a mark on your child, helping them to grow confidant and learn new things every day. Both of my children have been blessed to have been in Ms. Paola’s kindergarten class at LDVA. Without a doubt, Ms. Paola truly loves what she does and it comes across in her work with our children. My daughter’s first reaction whenever she learns something new at home is to say that she cannot way to tell/show Ms. Paola. The connection between educator and child is such an important one, as they spend so much time together over the course of a school year. I am so very thankful to know that my children have been in such good hands.

Thank you Ms.Paola, for all that you do.

Vilma Scattolin, LEARN Tutoring

Vilma supports our son John with his learning on a weekly basis. We most appreciate the constructive interaction between the 2 and John’s math skills have tremendously improved in the last few months. Vilma also provides John with weekly feedback that helps with improving and developing his math skills.

Thank you Vilma for your commitment and dedication to our children, keep up the great work. John most appreciates you and looks forward to his lessons with you each and every week!

Diana Samaan, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

Merci Miss Diana d’accompagner notre fils Liam dans son évolution et de lui donner le goût d’en apprendre toujours plus.

Vanessa DaSilva and All of the staff at Flemming Elementary School, ESSB

Big shout out & thank you to all staff at Flemming Elementary- everyday you go above and beyond to insure both the happiness and success of the students. Each year we thank our son’s teachers and this year like previous years we are very blessed. Thank you Ms DaSilva for all you do each and everyday ~ your dedication to your class is so heartwarming to see .. we are all very lucky to have you ♥️ and want you to know that we appreciate everything you do to include and make everyone feel accepted and cared for.

All staff at Flemming Elementary ~ the support staff .. teaching staff and administrators deserve a ginormous thank you, you all are so kind, dedicated, and welcoming. When you enter the doors at Flemming Elementary it’s not just a feeling of being in a school~ you have a sense of community and pride and we are very honoured to be part of it ♥️

It’s not too late! Add a shout out in the comments below.

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Teacher Appreciation – Never Give Up!

A word that I enjoy, and like to use, is sticktoitiveness.  Also written as stick-to-it-ive-ness, it means perseverance and tenacity. As educators, we don’t want our students to give up easily as soon as they start to experience difficulty, and we have to model that for them. Whether we are striving to deal with classroom behaviour, to help students learn a challenging concept, or to learn new technology for ourselves, we can show that we will not give up AND that success can actually be much sweeter following a struggle. 

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Sophie Montembeault, Wilder Penfield Elementary School, LBPSB

My child is not the easiest to deal with. He is one of the youngest in his class and it shows in his level of maturity. He doesn’t always listen, he never sits still, likes to talk and play when he should be doing his work, likes to wrestle and fight with his friends no matter how much he’s told not to (he’s an all-around butt head of a student). I think a lot of educators would have given up on him by now, but Mme Sophie has been trying and continues to try and keep his focus, to find what interests him and keeps in contact with me to keep me updated and let me know how and what I can do at home to help. Since the beginning of the school year, I went from having a child who wanted nothing to do with learning, to a boy who is now reading (slowly but he’s doing it), spelling, correcting our French at home when we talk to him, counting, adding, subtracting and all-around loving everything to do with math. All of this wouldn’t have happened without the caring, loving and devoted dedication of a wonderful teacher.

Thank you for not giving up on my boy.

Lynn L’Esperence (Claude), Howard S. Billings, NFSB

Lynn is a truly remarkable and amazing person who is currently the Senior Vice Principal for the school. As an Educator, Lynn has always managed to give a situation that special “spin” that makes people smile. “It’s all about the spin” is one of her many mottos and she has become an expert in using them making life throughout the school that much more enjoyable for all.

“When students actually thank you for being suspended, you know that you are doing something right.”

Lynn is a caring, dedicated and hardworking intelligent woman who has never given up no matter how tough things may seem. Her unique laughter is often heard echoing throughout the office, staff room, hallways and even classes making others smile even if they didn’t want to. Her positive energy is contagious and a driving force in the school.

As the Head Teacher for the Direction Alternative Program, she personally helped students deal with personal issues as well as teaching them the required subjects. What the program lost upon her departure, the entire school gained as she became Vice Principal. Her impact on the school, staff and students was truly felt when she left us for a year to work at another school, but she discovered that her heart had remained with our school and returned the next year to the joy and cheers of the entire staff.

I have personally, as have many other staff, parents and students alike, experienced her caring ways and we can all honestly say that our lives have been immensely enriched and even changed for the better by her presence.

If every educator was but a fraction of the person she is, education as a whole in this province would break all achievement records, that I am absolutely sure of.

Peggy Drolet, LEARN

Mrs. Drolet is so awesome because she’s such a nice generous teacher and she’s so organized. Whenever I’m stuck on something, no matter what it is, she will always find a way for me to understand it and get it down pat. Thanks for everything, Mrs. Drolet!

Melissa Beaulieu, Beacon Hill Elementary School, LBPSB

My son had Melissa as his grade 2 teacher when she was at St. Edmund’s. She didn’t just teach him, she helped him grow as a person. He bloomed that year, developing a new confidence and sense of self. She helped him find his voice. We will always remember that as a great year.

Debbie Gallagher-Bulnes, St. Jude School, RSB

Ms. Debbie has been teaching my son Logan for 2 years now, and she’s been such a positive presence in his life, that I wanted to acknowledge her on a larger platform than just sending her a thank you note. She truly brings out the best in him and encourages him to keep working hard and never give up. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for Logan!

Laurie Finlayson, Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Learning Centre, NFSB

Laurie’s dedication to her class is unparalleled. She took on the SFIS class (Adults with Special Needs) only a few days before school began and hit the ground running. Her students are encouraged to communicate and integrate with the other students. She goes above and beyond always the first in the building in the morning and the last to leave! She plans activities that she knows will enrich her student’s lives as well as help setting the tone in the whole school. Her class room door is always open and her classroom is the centre of the school at lunch hour. ALL students are welcome to visit and play games or relax.
She is a very humble person and always prefers to be in the background, but deserves to be celebrated!!

Natasha Lo Basso, Riverdale High School, LBPSB

Natasha teaches the 3-year program at Riverdale, which is a specialized program for students who start high school with academic delays. It’s a 7-8-9 class with children at various levels. Natasha is incredibly dedicated, and she finds creative ways to reach these children and perhaps most importantly, make them want to learn. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for my son and all the children in the class. She is truly making a difference in their lives.

Christos Papafilipakis, Lake of Two Mountains High School, LBPSB

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind teacher. He taught my sister and me, as well as 2 of my stepsisters who are 15 years older than I am. When I told them he was my English teacher they were still ranting about what an incredible teacher he is 15 years later. He has a teaching style that works for every student, he makes learning a subject that’s potentially extremely boring very fun and enjoyable. He manages to get along with every student and is able to tell you your strengths, not only your weaknesses. I could write a book on what a great experience it was being in his class but I’m sure the only way to truly understand is to be one of his students. I hope he’s chosen!

Kim Grenier, ACCESS Adult Education, RSB

Kim Grenier is AWESOME. She brings joy wherever she passes. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she cares for every student. She has a creative mind and she is able to create positive relationships that can definitely change students’ lives.

Kim has been working with students with special needs in a Socio-vocational Program and reinventing the meaning of actualization every day.

Cheers to Kim Grenier!

photo by Gerd Altmann

Have you been planning to write a shout-out for an educator but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Don’t give up! Write a comment now to let that special teacher, librarian, principal, daycare worker or school secretary know that they have made a difference for you.

Teacher Appreciation – Reap the Rewards of Hard Work!

Teacher appreciation week continues on the LEARN blog! Quebec teachers, you’ve been working hard! March break is coming, but before that well-deserved rest, please know that all of your hard work is paying off.  Parents, colleagues, administration, and most importantly, your students, see and appreciate the extra time and effort that you put in every single day… including weekends. Thank you.

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Shanna Lavallee, Netagamiou School, Commission Scolaire du Littoral

This teacher goes above and beyond for her students. She has after school activities every day. She has homework assistance, tutoring supervisor, and Science club. She has great ideas and is able to see where the students need to go to accomplish them.

Anny Boivin, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

Both of my children had/have Mme. Anny. She is an extraordinary teacher who goes beyond her means on her method of teaching which encourages the students to excel, whether it be by incentives or creative ideas to help them comprehend the exercises. She uses materials, work papers that she herself will research and extract, to help the students further their education. Her means of communication is via ClassDojo which keeps you up-to date on the students’ progress, activities and behaviour. Excellent teacher!

Tasha Ausman, Philemon Wright High School, WQSB / LEARN Tutoring

Tasha has been amazing as my son’s tutor for Sec. V math. She takes the time to clearly explain the problems and ensure they are understood. She is patient and extremely helpful.
Thank you, Tasha.

John Whittaker, Nova Career Centre, NFSB  

John goes above and beyond what is expected of him to give his students the best of himself and the best of his experience. He is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to help his students enjoy every moment of his class time. He has a hard working mind but he is also compassionate and will go out of his way to help people. John is by far one of a kind, and students always have positive things to say about their time with him and how much he helps people.
He goes out of his way even off duty to help. He’s truly an amazing guy.

All teachers and support staff at Flemming Elementary, ESSB

A HUGE.. HUGE thank you to my son’s teachers and all the staff at Flemming Elementary. Ms. Kathy Fequet is my son’s teacher this year and we are so happy about this. She goes above and beyond every day to help Logan’s transitioning at school and to adapt her teaching to meet his many needs. No matter the day or circumstances she is there every morning to greet her class with a friendly smile. Also a huge thank you to Mr Cody, his PhysEd teacher, and Madame Manon, his FSL teacher. I know to incorporate Logan in the class is not always the easiest task but you both invest so much time to ensure he is happy. He is very fortunate to have you 3 as teachers.

The Flemming Elementary staff is an amazing team who invest so much time in the students and their classrooms and today I just want to say a big thank you to you all. Your kindness and generosity does not go unnoticed. It’s a great feeling to know when your child enters these school doors that they are in such great hands.

Clementina Fraga, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

As director of Daycare, she is dedicated to her job and love for the children. She reaches out and is respectful to both parents and students. She is a helpful resource in guiding the students with a loving discipline method and with very well thought out examples to help the children understand their actions or non-actions. She not only does her job during lunch and daycare but throughout her whole day. She rolls up her sleeves and steps outside to see the children at play. Keep up the amazing work you do!

Louise Outland, LBPSB / LEARN Tutoring

and Esperança MacIntosh, McDowell Elementary School, WQSB / LEARN Tutoring

Very kind, understanding and very good teaching skills.

Keith Bellamy, Rosemere High School, SWLSB

He always makes his classes entertaining and he truly supports his students. His positive reinforcement has brought me far in my writing assignments.

Amanda Foster, Emmanuel Christian School, QAIS / LEARN Tutoring

Amanda takes the time to clearly explain Sec. III math to my daughter. This has helped tremendously by following the steps and clearly explaining how the math is to be solved. This has helped to instill the confidence needed to work on math and achieve the goal of better understanding and better marks.
Thank you, Amanda!

Andréa Giroux, ACCESS Adult Education, RSB

Andréa is a new teacher to Adult Education and is an incredible teacher.
Her optimistic and positive personality is a great addition to any team. She is passionate by her students’ success as well as their learning process. She is engaged and creates motivating and interactive learning activities and fosters a safe and stimulating community to learn French as a second language.
Her dynamism and authenticity are her students’ best allies for a successful journey.

Natalie Ettienne, Access Riverside, RSB

Do not know where to begin, there is so much to say! I have had the pleasure of being in her classrooms in total for almost four years. She is a nursing teacher and I have learned so much from her. She can be tough at times, but only to show you that you can do it. She has the biggest heart, takes the time to listen, and she never makes anyone feel less worthy. Her kindness is out of this world. Her ability to teach, show her students how things are done, or how to treat people, is more than amazing. I have taken the time to tell her all of this, but being rewarded for all her great work would be the icing on her cake. Teachers should be more rewarded for the hard work they do. She deserves it big time.

To this day I keep in contact with her and am very blessed to call her my friend and, most of all, my mentor. Being a nurse today is all because of her. The encouragement and the patience she has, made me want to be just like her. Glad to say that I am.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life for the better and letting me see that nursing was my calling.


Melanie Jean, St. Jude School, RSB 

Melanie is a dedicated and caring teacher. She is willing to provide support to her colleagues, students and families in the community as needed. She shares her passion for learning in any way possible including using her love of all things Disney to inspire her students. Everything is a learning experience for Melanie’s students. They have had the help of a classroom hedgehog to learn sounds and vocabulary, explored the world of flexible classroom seating, and uncovered that taking risks in learning is rewarding. Melanie, with her creativity and energy, spreads a little magical pixie dust over all of her grade one students each day! Merci, Mme. Melanie!



And last, but certainly not least, our leader at LEARN, Michael Canuel

This person is rarely referred to as a teacher, so I wish to do so. The educational work he does impacts Anglophone students and parents throughout the province. His leadership and dedication ensure solid educational support for the entire community. He has tirelessly led groups of teachers and the LEARN staff for over a decade. He has made LEARN the essential body it is today. For as long as I can remember, he has praised the online teachers, the LEARN directors, consultants, and support staff without ever being cited during Teacher Appreciation Week. He is one of the best teachers anyone will ever meet. He teaches the teachers. He really cares about Quebec students – young and old!

If you know an educator who is overdue for some words of encouragement to “Keep up the hard work!” it’s not too late! Please add your comment of praise and support here.


Teacher Appreciation – Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

We’ve all heard the advice that if we find a job that we love, we’ll never really work a day in our lives. The Québec educators highlighted in this first of three blog posts in the fourth annual Teacher and School Staff Appreciation shout-outs clearly show their love for their students and for their chosen profession. Valentine’s Day must be coming because love is certainly in the air!

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Nathalie Swanson, Dr. S.E. McDowell School, WQSB

Mme. Nathalie is not only an excellent language teacher, but she is kind, organized and extremely dedicated. My son loves her and is always excited to get up in the morning to start his school day 🙂  She has been a huge asset to our family, as our son sometimes struggles with his learning, and needs a teacher who is both knowledgeable and patient. Thank you Mme. Nathalie for the quiet way in which you make an enormous difference in the life of our school and community!

Linda Fitzpatrick,  Forest Hill Elementary (Junior), LBPSB

C’est une professeure merveilleuse car elle aime ce qu’elle fait et ça paraît. Elle aime les enfants et imagine toutes sortes d’activités pour faciliter leurs apprentissages. Elle sait susciter leur intérêt et les garder motiver. Notre fils adore aller à l’école, et quand il revient le soir il nous raconte sa journée et il en parle avec des étoiles dans les yeux.

Sonia Arnoldo, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

Extremely caring and patient, understanding, respectful towards both students and parents, clear and concise with homework outline for parents to follow, techniques used for English and math easy to follow and easy to implement by students. Great amazing teacher full of love for her students!

Denyse Griffiths, Gault Institute, NFSB

Mme. Griffiths teaches French in an English immersion school. She has one hour a day with each class, and she always makes the most of it! She loves hands on learning, adaptive learning spaces, and community engagement. She continuously tries new projects both in the class and outside, bringing people together. French class always brightens up the student`s day thanks to this energetic teacher!

Mona Nesbitt, Hull Adult Education Centre, WQSB

Mona has been creating flexible learning environments since way before they became all the rage! You can see the love she has for teaching and for her students by simply walking into her classroom – she designs it specifically for student success. She is an inspiration and her students are lucky to have her!

Linda Cotter, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Linda Cotter is the most dedicated teacher I know. She travels very far every day to teach. She loves her students. My eldest child was her student when he was in grade 1 (he is now in Secondary II). I believe she is the reason my son loves to read. Our family loves Mrs. Cotter. She will always be THAT teacher – the one we will remember forever.

Lia Maggiorino, Laval Junior Academy, SWLSB

She is amazing because she always does what is best for her students. She is always in a good mood and puts a smile on everyone’s face. I always look forward to going to her class because she makes learning fun. Thank you for everything you do!

Gabriella Di Placido, Rosemere High School, SWLSB

Mrs. Di Placido is my niece’s teacher and she has bloomed since day one. She looks forward to going to school every morning and her grades have improved amazingly!!! Mrs. Di Placido is an Angel on earth!! Thank you!!!

Jennifer Hayden, St. Edmund’s Elementary School, LBPSB

Our music teacher, Miss Jennifer, is truly the heart of our school. She has instilled a passion for music into each and every student. Her enthusiasm is absolutely unstoppable. Whether she is teaching the grade three’s how to play the recorder or rehearsing for an upcoming music show with the grade one’s or leading the grade six band, every student is fueled by the excitement and passion she brings. Her reach goes well beyond the music room.

In the past couple of years, she has initiated a new fundraising event for the school (an outdoor concert!), connected students and parents together through a common love of the Tragically Hip and educated students about residential schools while leading our school in a project to pack shoebox gifts for Indigenous youth. Our gratitude for Miss Jennifer cannot easily be expressed. We are so thankful to have her at St. Edmund!

Jennifer Butler, Twin Oaks Elementary School, SWLSB

Dedicated, hard working. Loves her kids.

Marilyn Cormier, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

Madame Marilyn est une enseignante au grand coeur qui sait comment approcher un enfant en difficulté et l’aider à prendre la bonne voix. Une enseignante que tous les enfants aimeraient avoir. Un des enseignants qui apporte tellement à cette école.

Isaac Dumont, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Isaac makes music class fun for the children, teaching drumming, flute, etc. to his students with modern day music. The children love knowing that their music teacher is a well-known drummer across Canada. We are lucky to have such a talented and inspiring music teacher.

Can you feel the love? Add your own words of love for the educators highlighted above, or add a shout-out to someone new in the comments below.


Teacher Appreciation – Always! Every! Totally! Extraordinary!

When reading report cards or rubrics, we have learned to look for the qualifiers that come before a description of the child’s work.  We know that if we see OCCASIONALLY instead of ALWAYS, the teacher is identifying an area still needing improvement.  The Quebec educators highlighted below have all earned high marks from those who wrote shout-outs including words like awesome, best, very, teacher_appreciation_apple_great, always, priceless, extraordinary, and exceptional.  WOW!!!

Mme. Renouka, St. Anthony Elementary, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Mme Renouka is a kind loving understanding and just so wonderful to my son Nicholas and to myself. She has made the transition to kindergarten with such ease and love that my son looks forward every day to see her and what they will learn. She has patience and love for the children and it shows every day when I speak to my son about his day. She really cares about the children and as well the parents to feel comfortable. Can’t thank her enough in making kindergarten such a wonderful experience.

Ms. Given, McDowell Elementary School, Western Quebec School Board

Ms. Given is a very organized teacher. She is quick to respond when I have questions about my child’s progress or well-being. My child has often remarked the respect he has for her which means to me that she must be showing the same respect to her students. Good Job!!!

Ms. Stephanie Zakem, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Stephanie is what I would call the greatest, young and upcoming educator of the century! I have seen her work closely by her students to make sure that they are learning properly and that they are working at their full potential. She is very efficient at planning and executing the events of her classroom’s daily schedule; as well as other activities and school related meetings and projects. She seems to always have a limitless supply of drive and motivation and she puts her “everything” into her teaching! Students are drawn to her and you will always hear parents talking about how much they appreciate her!

Kristopher Pichovich, Sunshine Academy, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Mr. P is SO awesome, he makes learning fun and always makes a joke out of every Math subject! He always helps us prepare for any tests and is guiding us for our transition to High School. He’s the best teacher ever!


Mr. P always walks into class with a smile on his face. He always teaches with great enthusiasm, and he makes every kid laugh. Mr. P is very helpful in the school. He organizes great events like the “Terry Fox Run”. When you are excited to go to school, it’s because you have a great teacher.

Lara Belinsky, Willingdon Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Belinsky organized a wonderful Terry Fox campaign this year. She put a lot of thought into coming up with creative rewards for various levels of donations (including duct taping the secretary, having the principal kiss a turtle) and even shaved her own head. The kids were all thoroughly engaged in raising money for a good cause.

Pamela Tennant, Rosemere High School Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Mrs. Tennant is the best teacher because of all the patience she had with students and she is always happy no matter the weather, I think this one should go to her!!!

Mrs. Georgia, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Mrs. Georgia is an outstanding educator that blows my mind when it comes to her creativity and originality with teaching. She creates an amazingly kid-friendly environment in her classroom that exudes stimulation and self-expression. She is very close to her students, always sees the very best character traits in each of them and she encourages all her students to do their best and never give up! She is understanding, sweet, genuine, compassionate and she is dynamic and committed to her students. She is very hardworking and does everything she can to ensure her First Graders leave her class by the end of the year, with the ability to read and write independently. All of her students appear to be very advanced for their ages! She is doing more than one thing right! She is exceptionally brilliant and I have loved having her be a teacher to my daughter and hopefully future children as well!

Mrs. J. Quinn, Laurenhill Academy – Junior Campus, English Montreal School Board

My kids said she makes classes interesting, dynamic and she shows her interest for them to learn. Priceless!

Tom Foreman, Laurentian Regional High School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Tom is the quintessential inspirational teacher. He’s the teacher you want by your side when things are going amazingly well, and when things seem dark and desolate. He’s kind and patient, and has earned the respect from both colleagues and students. He dedicates his free time to a multitude of extra-curricular activities and always makes the students his priority.

Mr. Pauze, Laurenhill Academy – Junior Campus, English Montreal School Board

My kids told me that he helped them a lot with French because he knows that they are international students and they didn’t know much.

Sara Rosa, John Caboto Academy, English Montreal School Board

For Ms. Rosa, teaching is not a job. It is a vocation. She does not give up on any of her students and will go more than the extra mile to see her students succeed. She is kind, caring, humble and inspirational; a rare gem in the education system. We are blessed that she is our son’s teacher. We have been truly touched by an angel…

Paula Giddings–Philip, Everest Elementary, Central Quebec School Board

Always ready to help students in need, whether it is for Resource help or behavioural interventions. Has incredible knowledge of the QEP and its components.

Runs the SHERPA Club (Kids Helping Kids) and has put in immense extra time for extra-curricular activities.

Has a heart of gold!!!!

Ms. Christina Mamagat, Carlyle School, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Christina puts her heart into her Teaching and really cares for her students. She shows a genuine compassion and empathy that is needed by all children and she goes above and beyond to keep her students smiling, happy, motivated and upbeat. She has incredible enthusiasm and a positive outlook on teaching that is hard for most to attain. She always devotes herself to her students and her professional development and she truly seems to enjoy what she does. Her students have a tremendous and profound respect for her. She is absolutely amazing! Thank you.

Mrs. Christina for all that you have done and continue to do for Carlyle school! You are most definitely appreciated more than you know!

Ms. Elena, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

Thank you for making learning fun again! Your love and gentleness with my daughter makes my daughter curious to learn!
She always comes home with a new story to share with us!
You are awesome!

Mme. Monique Imbeau, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

My children before starting school spoke and understood only English and Italian. Starting school and having a full day of French was very daunting for them. 6 years ago, this amazing teacher taught my son and with her constant help and support and open communication, my son overcame his “fear of French days” and there were no more “being sick” episodes. Upon my request, she is now my daughter’s teacher and once again, with her support and open communication, my daughter has adjusted to school and she is no longer apprehensive for the “dreaded” French days. Mme. Imbeau is open, honest and kind. Her patience is very appreciated. The love she has for children and her profession shines through in the little notes that she writes me. LDVA is lucky to have her on staff and the children she teaches are lucky to have her as their teacher.


I think Mme. Imbeau is so awesome because she has such a passion for teaching and it shows through all her hard work and dedication towards the children. She goes above and beyond of what teaching is, making it all the more interesting for the children. So grateful that my children have had her as a teacher! She is not only an amazing teacher but an incredible person all together!

Ms. Parente, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Parente is a gift given to our children. What she teaches our children will benefit them for many years to come. She encourages all children and gives them the confidence they need to thrive. She has a generous heart and it shows in all she does. Cannot express how grateful I am that my boys have had her as a teacher.


Mrs. Parente is passionate and totally committed to her vocation. My children have really benefited from being a part of her class.
Once again thank you for all that you do!

Melanie Dignard, Westmount Park School, English Montreal School Board

Miss Melanie has the ability to manage difficult situations, with the kids and the parents feeling great about it, and she makes it look easy, never missing a beat. My child adores her and is actually eager to wake up to go to school. We could not have asked for a better teacher to integrate school through the very challenging Kindergarten transition year.

Metaxia Daras, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Mrs. Daras is the most nurturing and optimistic teacher our family has witnessed in action. She cares whole-heartedly for all students that she works for and with and she is also very busy taking care of the staff at Carlyle and keeping everything organized and running smoothly. She is very dedicated and hard-working and her compassion in teaching as well as her sunny, bright disposition around the children and adults at the school is very heart-warming! She deserves a whole lot of applause and credit! Bravo, Mrs. Daras!

Catch up on post one, and post two of this three part series and take time to say thanks to an educator (or two or three) in the comments below.

To all of my LEARN colleagues, and from all of us to Québec’s educators, Happy Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week! 

Teacher Appreciation – Connections That Count

Photo by T-Bone Sandwich https://www.flickr.com/search/?l=deriv&q=connections
Photo by T-Bone Sandwich https://www.flickr.com/search/?l=deriv&q=connections

The teachers highlighted here, in the second of three Teacher and School Staff Appreciation posts this February, have clearly connected with their students, the families, their colleagues and the school communities. The importance of building relationships, and making connections to learning, has been a hot topic on the LEARN blog for years.

Enjoy reading about how teachers and school staff connect with students inside and outside the classroom.



Mme. Stephanie Boulet, St. Anthony Elementary, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Mme. Stephanie is a grade 4 teacher at St-Anthony Elementary! She is more than a teacher. She makes her students laugh, and can relate to them. She reminds them that you need to have fun while learning. She shares funny stories with her students and acts silly. This allows my son to come home and opens up a discussion about his day at school. She is passionate about teaching and cares about her students. Her job is not to fail her kids, rather to help them succeed!

Osvaldo Dippolito, Commission Scolaire du Littoral

Professor devoted and attentive.
Always ready to help;
Organize and creative;
Young adults continue to play sports with them.
A very rigorous teacher,
He knows the tricks for young people to surpass themselves.

Mr. Jones, McDowell Elementary School, Western Quebec School Board

Mr. Jones is a new teacher this year and a huge asset to our elementary school. He has amazing positive energy and the children want to be around him because he makes them feel individually important. He is often greeting parents when they come to school as well as the children. What first impressed me was a moment when I saw a child saying, ‘Hello Mr. Jones.’

He replied with a ‘Hello’ and he looked like he was in a hurry to get to class until the child said, ‘Do you know my name?’ He took a step back, bent down to the child’s level and said, ‘No, but I’d like to know.’ The child said their name happily, and he said, ‘Glad to know your name. Thanks so much for telling me.’ I know it was such a simple gesture but the light in that child’s eyes told me that it made her feel special. This is just one small example of the impact he makes with our children.

Thank you, Mr. Jones. Keep up the great work!!

Carla Batista, Ecole Bancroft School, English Montreal School Board

Carla is our extraordinary resource teacher whose dedication to the students at Bancroft goes above and beyond. Her morning smile and enthusiastic greeting at the door makes even the shyest student smile. She is a fabulous resource teacher, who also instigates and organizes many of the school activities. Her door is always open for any student who needs an ear or for any parent who has concerns. She is passionate about teaching, about kids and about Bancroft.

Natasha Bellows, Place Cartier Adult Education Centre, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Natasha always challenges herself to find different ways to include her students in the learning process. She develops a connection with her students and is always open to finding new ways to make sure that they own their learning. Her students are very lucky to have her!

Mariève Gagné, Access Adult Centre, Riverside School Board

Mariève teaches with empathy. She loves her students and shows it in the way she designs her learning situations based on their interests, on movement, and through care. She makes the programs she teaches very accessible to her students!

Peggy Drolet, LEARN at St. Michael’s High School, Western Quebec School Board

Ms. Drolet has been St. Michael’s Sec. 4 Science Math teacher for the last 12 years and as the school coordinator for Learn Quebec, I have had the great pleasure of working with her toward our students’ academic success. At the beginning of every school year I tell these students that they should trust Ms. Drolet because she WILL get them through this course! And she does!

Her collaboration with her schools and her dedication to her students’ learning are the keys to her success! She is an amazing teacher and I consider myself lucky to work with her!
Thanks so much for caring, Ms. Drolet!!!

Sara Saltel, Mountainview Elementary School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Sara works diligently to ensure her students are receiving the highest quality education. She thoughtfully plans her lessons, taking into consideration all her students; challenging the very gifted and supporting the struggling, all while cracking wit and administering fair and consistent consequences when behaviors go south. The students and the school are fortunate to have her!

Julie Desrosiers, St. Lambert Elementary, Riverside School Board

On her first day at this school, during the welcome back breakfast, she came towards me (I am the CLC coordinator and it was also my first day) and said “I heard this is a CLC school and I want to work with you. We can do projects together”. I was ecstatic that she was eager to collaborate. She has been a champion at including the CLC in her class and she always has something new she wants to try or involve her students in. She always has a smile on her face even though days are not always easy. She has what I consider are all the qualities you need to be a great teacher. She is truly awesome and I want her to know it. Tu es magnifique, Julie !

Denise Albert, John Caboto Academy, English Montreal School Board

Madame Denise is one of the few teachers that has the authentic dedication and motivation that is so rare these days -giving up lunch hours and after school time to ensure that all her students learn and reach their full potential. She communicates with the parents and shares tips so that the parents may continue what she has already worked on. She sees the potential in each and every child and is determined to see them flourish. She is an amazing lady and an exceptional teacher and we will always be indebted to her for all she has done for our children.

Ms. Paola, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

I would like to take a moment to highlight the wonderful work that Ms.Paola does for the young children at LDVA. She is an amazing teacher and a sincere person whose passion for teaching shines through in all that she does. My son was having somewhat of a difficult time adjusting to kindergarten and a mid-semester classroom change. Ms. Paola made the transition as smooth as possible and offered me many kind words when we discussed the issues he was encountering.

Fast forward to the first day of Grade 1… My son was terribly sad to see the end of summer and was crying in my arms in front of the school. Ms. Paola happened to be walking close by. She took the time to come over to us and try to help, telling my son that she too was feeling apprehensive about the first day of school and that the feelings were normal, but that all would be well. Ms. Paola is a true inspiration and I truly admire the way she manages to bond with and teach our children. Here’s hoping my daughter will be fortunate enough to have her as a kindergarten teacher when the time comes.

Debbie Ellison, McDowell Elementary School, Western Quebec School Board

Although she is not my child’s teacher this year, I felt it important to say how she goes above and beyond her teacher duties. This weekend I saw her at a local hockey tournament and when I asked her who she was there to watch, she mentioned many of the children from our school. Some children were those she was teaching this year and others were from previous years. It is so heart-warming to see a teacher who takes an interest in the students’ outside activities. To me, Ms. Ellison is a good teacher who bonds with her students.

Mme. Chantal Baril, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

She really connects with the children and she awakens their curiosity for learning.
Thank you very much!

Alexandra Zorbas, Westmount Park School, English Montreal School Board

Miss Alex is the most engaged teacher I have ever met. She always helps the Parent Participation Organization (PPO) in all its activities, and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Teachers with her dedication inspire students, parents and staff to do their very best. We could not have asked for a better example to children entering school in Kindergarten.

If you missed the first Teacher Appreciation post for 2017, find it here.  The third and final post in the series is here.  If you missed the chance to share a story about a deserving educator you know, please add it below in the comments.

Teacher Appreciation – GO TEAM!!!

Photo by Steven Depolo
Photo by Steven Depolo

Happy Teacher Appreciation Time 2017!

Depending on your school or school board, Quebec Teacher and School Staff Appreciation week is celebrated the week of either February 5 or February 12 – or even better, both! Enjoy this first of three blog posts with messages of appreciation written by students, parents, colleagues, directors, and community members.

One of the themes that has emerged from the submitted shout-outs this year is celebrating the collective, the entire staff, the team that works together (and with the community) to support student success.  GO TEAM!!

(This was post #1 in a three part series.  Read post #2 and post #3 too.  You don’t want miss any of the teacher and school staff appreciation!)

ALL of my son’s teachers and staff, Flemming Elementary, Eastern Shores School Board

All of the teachers and staff at Flemming Elementary are AMAZING!!

My son has three teachers at Flemming and they are all awesome 🙂 Ms. Kathy, Mme. Manon and Mr. Cody are all constantly working towards what is in the best interest of my 9 year old son Logan.
They are always looking for new ideas and methods in order to teach and engage Logan. Each goes above and beyond to better understand him and his Autism and the many challenges that come along with that. It is a heartwarming feeling for us as parents to see how much everyone truly cares in that school and go the extra mile to both support and interact with him. I could not be prouder to send my child to Flemming School which is filled with such patient, kind and gentle staff.

All of our Littoral teachers! Commission Scolaire du Littoral

You are all awesome because each day you face new challenges of teaching multiple levels in one class in isolated areas with limited resources. What you do each day is inspiring! Taking the time to learn new teaching strategies & approaches is not always easy, yet many of you continue to find the time because you know it is an investment in your students! Thank you for all you do!

To all Teachers and Administrators, Rosemount High School, English Montreal School Board

An Inspirer. An Empower. An Engager. These three characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate with all of your students, including me, every single day.

Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life,’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support you so eagerly share for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society.

You make me feel authentically supported when you say, “Please let me know how I can be helpful” and genuinely mean it. Also, the excitement you express to co-learn with me rather than teach me, makes me feel like a partner in my learning experience, when it is so easy to feel like ‘a sponge that can only absorb.’ I know you have so much to share, but I love how you also openly articulate how much I have to share as well and how much you learn by engaging with me!

As an educator, your title can ensure a role of heightening my knowledge in academics. However, you see me not as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths. You promote an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated.

Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the  great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.

All Teachers, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, Western Quebec School Board

McDowell is a very special school that takes the time for each child including mine. Many teachers go the extra mile to ensure he is reaching his full potential and they bring out his best qualities. Well done, McDowell. Our family appreciates all that you do!


The staff of McDowell Elementary, Western Quebec School Board

As a new member to the McDowell community, I am amazed how caring, supportive and welcoming the teachers, Aides, supporting staff members are towards the children and each other. The extras they do to ensure a safe, happy and nurturing environment for all who walk through the doors are offered selflessly and with great warmth. They truly are exceptional.

All staff! Twin Oaks Elementary School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

This is an awesome team and I just want to say thank you for the incredible teamwork that goes on, always going the extra mile for our students!

Madame Chantal and Miss Julie, Dante School, English Montreal School Board

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me with my homework. Thank you for setting my homework. Thank you for staying behind to help me, even when I know there are lots of other places you’d rather be. Thank you for not embarrassing me in front of my friends. Thank you for explaining things until I understand. Thank you for making me do my best. Thank you for being my teachers.

LEARN’s online teachers, LEARN

Here’s a shout out to the amazing online teachers at LEARN. I’ve had the chance to attend some of their workshops – they are constantly in search of making their online courses fun and interactive. They are not only committed to teaching math and science to their students, but love to share their knowledge and activities with fellow teachers. Hats off to Peggy, Audrey, Kerry, and Natalie!

Principal Ms. Sammarco & Vice-Principal Ms. Caruso, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

I know they are not teachers, but I would like to express my gratitude to both of them. They are a great team and work together amazingly!

The school has changed immensely since Ms. Sammarco joined LDVA. Most importantly and one case that is near and dear to my heart:
My daughter was getting bullied last year, which was extremely heart breaking for me as her mother, to watch her go through such a horrible situation. This year is a whole different chapter in her life, as they worked together with the kids & behavioral tech to regulate this problem.

They have immense hearts and their love for not only my daughter, but for all the students shows in their daily lives at school!


Cheer on your own school staff team by adding a comment!

Feel free to add a comment at the end of any of the three posts this week to highlight other deserving educators in your community.

Teacher Appreciation – Teachers (and Their Students) Just Want to Have Fun!

Photo by Rob Costain

For those people who may think that learning and fun cannot co-exist, or who are still of the belief that teachers shouldn’t smile until December, you haven’t worked with the teachers we highlight below in our third, and final, post in the 2016 Teacher and School Staff Appreciation blog series.  (Read part one here, and part two here.)

I know that reading these shout-outs made me smile, and even laugh out loud… Happy Teacher Appreciation, Quebec educators!  Keep smiling; it’s motivating your students!


Julie Lowry, Ste-Foy Elementary School, CQSB

My son has had Miss Lowry as a teacher for 2 years now and he absolutely adores her.  My oldest son who is now in high school agrees that Miss Lowry is the best! Miss Lowry takes the time to know her students. She is calm, patient and understanding. She makes learning fun and she knows how to motivate her students. My son wishes that she could teach all grades!!

Tammy Noble, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

She is great since we always have fun in her class, whether it’s during class and we’re learning or during break or lunch and we’re talking about tons of cool stuff. She is also very supportive as a teacher. Whenever I need help, I can always go to her to talk. Especially in this stressful time of year, I have seen Ms. Noble making lists and having waiting lines of kids to help with almost anything. She is simply supportive and a great person.

Chef Chris Allen, Pearson School of Culinary Arts, LBPSB

He teaches with so much passion and dedication; he makes learning fun and leaves students wanting more. He encourages and gives his students confidence in their abilities.

Andrew Bardell, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

He lets us work while listening to music which helps some people, including me. He also makes work easier.

Jennifer Seely, Pontiac High School, WQSB

She makes the STA306 course so much fun to take part in. She captivates the class, and makes it such a positive environment to be in. She makes learning all of the cell parts, the digestive system, etc. so enjoyable!

Alexander de Sua, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

He makes us laugh and he makes jokes. Makes us watch a movie.

Evan McCurdy, Beaconsfield High School, LBPSB

Always participates with students and has a great sense of humour.

Laura MacTavish, Arundel Elementary School, SWLSB

  • The driving force behind healthy kids at Arundel,
  • Always thinking of ways to improve children’s physical health and fitness
  • Making learning fun and meaningful – one of the reasons small schools are so important.


Tara Grant, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

Mrs. Grant is the best because she makes our classes fun and interesting and is always there to help whenever we need it.

Karine Turcotte, Ste-Foy Elementary, CQSB

She does these weird impressions of stuff pretty much all day. In drama, she does weird squirrel face. When we are not sitting down, she does weird chicken / butt dance. She makes me laugh.

Jason Lyons, Souvenir Elementary, SWLSB

Mr. Jason is a really awesome Phys. Ed. teacher and a really nice person. He really cares about his students and goes out of his way to help them. His gym classes are fun and original; his students get a chance to do fun exercises and activities that are different from team sports. He motivates his students to do the best that they can. He teaches them motivation and confidence as well. He really cares about his students and is always ready to help them become a better version of themselves! He is also a funny guy and teaches the kids to have fun, and that gym can be challenging in a really fun way! School isn’t just about academics, Phys. Ed. is a very important part of our kids’ lives and Mr. Jason is the perfect guy to teach fitness and health to our kids! I hope my 3 boys will be as motivated as he is!

Céline Maisonneuve, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

Mme. Céline is a natural kindergarten teacher who creates a fun learning environment through music, art, and play. She is very attentive to each child and his or her feelings, likes and dislikes. She spends countless hours in her classroom and is always putting her students first. I am so fortunate that my daughter got to experience her as a teacher as I did myself when I was a student in McDowell

Marie-Gabrielle Cannon, Ste-Foy Elementary, CQSB

She is funny. We usually play fun games with her. She also makes me feel like I am funny too. I like that.

Lisa Wood, Arundel Elementary School, SWLSB

  • Always looking at programs to improve students’ learning.
  • Takes the time to get to know every child she works with, and finds ways to make learning fun for each child by using their interests in her teaching.
  • Has no problem giving up a lunch hour to help a child.
  • Works on extracurricular activities with the students; running club; arts and crafts.
  • Will fill in anywhere needed!


Erin Oliver, Twin Oaks Elementary, SWLSB

T-technologically savvy–Ms. Oliver uses and exposes her students to a variety of technology in authentic ways, not only keeping my grade 4 son motivated, but allowing him to learn and express in ways that are simply intuitive to a 21st Century learner.

E-enthusiastic–Ms. Oliver is consistently happy and radiates wanting to teach and wanting the students to learn–my son senses her excitement and jumps on board with her.

A-attentive—Ms. Oliver attends to each individual while somehow keeping track of the entire group. The class updates, photos and occasional personal notes in Dojo keep me informed as a mom and allow us to ‘double-check’ on assignments when needed. So appreciated, gone are the ‘he said’ ‘she said’ moments!

C-caring–Ms. Oliver radiates her care and concern for the students. Her kind words and calm approach create a caring learning environment for my son and all the students, I’m sure.

H-“Hilarious”—Ms. Oliver’s sense of humour comes home to me often through my son’s eyes, the levity in the classroom certainly makes for a motivated grade four boy to go to school in the morning.

E-Elevated—Ms. Oliver is by far an excellent teacher and her deep knowledge of pedagogy is evident in the consistent, clear assignments and homework expected of the students–no superfluous fillers–much appreciated!

R-Right—Ms. Oliver is the right kind of teacher for every learner, including my son. When the right fit happens with the teacher your children get in school, as a parent, your child has a great year at school and as a result, a happier home on school mornings and evenings. Ms. Oliver, you are the right fit for us!

For these reasons and many more, we would like to nominate Ms. Oliver as an Awesome Teacher!

If you missed out on nominations, but want to highlight an entertaining educator who makes learning fun, please add a comment below.

Teacher Appreciation – I <3 My Teacher!

Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is coming, but many Teacher Appreciation comments included the words “heart” or “love” in descriptions of why a nominated Quebec Educator is AWESOME!

It’s clear that the teachers highlighted in this second of three Teacher and School Staff Appreciation posts in our 2016 series (read part one here) are passionate about their job and love their students, too!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/10372146@N 1 Public Domain

Lucy Hurley, CDC Pont Viau, SWLSB

She, without a doubt, is an amazing teacher. She has great patience, and a smile to warm your heart. I have learned so much from her. Her teaching methods are outstanding, up to date, and professional. I am lucky to have had the chance to have been taught by such an extraordinary woman.

Lucy is a great role model and someone to look up to. Lucy truly is a very talented teacher who has worked hard to be where she is today. Lucy is someone I could confide in and ask any questions I may have. She would always answer to the best of her knowledge and if by chance Lucy didn’t know, she would get back to us after researching the answers. She goes out of her way for her students. She makes sure we are prepared for anything and everything. Lucy can always share a laugh with us and, as we know, laughter is the best medicine.

Debbie Ellison, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

She is patient, kind, understanding and has a heart of gold for not only her class students but everyone!

Helen Stavaris, Dawson College

She is such a hard working teacher, who makes her classes so fun and easy to understand. Every single day, she arrives to class with a smile and is ready to make others smile. She wants nothing but the best for her students, and tries her hardest to help them succeed.
She has the biggest heart, and is such an all-around genuine person.

Amanda Craighead, Souvenir Elementary, SWLSB

She revived my son’s love for learning, his trust in an educator and showed compassion, understanding, and acceptance. She treated children with kindness and invigorated her classroom and curriculum with laughter and music and welcomed self-expression and supported comfort fit for individual needs. She is my son’s hero, in his own words. She set a standard and has earned a special place in our hearts and memories at a most impressionable time.

Anne Rainville, Beechwood School, LBPSB

She is passionate about teaching. She gives of herself. She is patient and kind and gives her heart to her students. As a parent this means a lot to me. Please nominate her!!!!!!

Leslie Sklavounos, John F. Kennedy Elementary, SWLSB

She is motivating, fun, silly, and makes these kids feel comfortable with themselves. My shy daughter has come out of her shell and loves going to school every day. Miss Leslie also teaches the students about rules and respect and gives them enough homework to learn but still have fun doing so! She goes above and beyond her role as a teacher. She is a mom, a psychologist, a teacher, and a friend. She truly teaches from the heart.

Lise Albert, St. Charles School, LBPSB

Mme. Lise is an amazing teacher at St-Charles school. My daughter loves her and I am so happy that she is her teacher. She has a talent and makes it fun to learn.

Mélanie Prégent, St. Willibrord, NFSB

She takes the time in her busy schedule to email parents back promptly, answering any of their concerns which I appreciate so much. My daughter says she is a fair teacher and loves that she gets involves with the rest of the school by extracurricular activities such as Choir.

Sylvie Laucella, Terry Fox Elementary, LBPSB

She runs an amazing kindergarten class with such ease, love and care. It is amazing to see her teach the kids, be firm, but caring at the same time. I have no idea how she does it. It is like watching something magical.

The kids adore her and she is so organized and efficient that the kids are not just learning but excelling. Truly an exceptional teacher who deserves to be recognized!

Kelly Norman, Springdale Elementary, LBPSB

Kelly is a Phys. Ed. teacher and she goes above and beyond with the children with the parents and to help anyone. She has the biggest heart and a smile on her face no matter what is going on. She’s phenomenal and she deserves to be recognized. Kelly personally helped me out this year teaching me mediation methods in helping with my son who has some special needs she wanted to help me and show me how I can help him to be calm. Just one of those things that she does that she didn’t need to but it’s who she is!

Delcia Thibault, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

When I was in second grade, Miss Thibault made all the difference in the world to me. She gave me more than a teacher gives. She gave me her heart! Yes, she really cared and I will never forget her.

Antonella Mastrangelo, Good Shepherd School, RSB

She is caring, attentive, and we love how she encourages her first-graders to practice reading with daily stickers and rewards.

Scott Lambton, Riverview Elementary, LBPSB

He’s the Phys. Ed. teacher. The kids love his class. They can’t wait for gym. It’s a lot of fun. He jokes with the kids.

Gloria Cuccarolo, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

She is a teacher that truly cares about her students; she wants them to not just learn, but to understand and use what they are being taught. She wants all of us to be successful and to appreciate everything in life. She has confidence and determination and she keeps things real. She is truly amazing because she is one of the most caring and considerate teachers I know, and she is devoted in everything she does for her students. We love her.

Ginette Purdy, Royal West Academy, EMSB

Never have I met an educator that devotes as much of her love, life, and energy into the hundreds of students she has an impact on. I graduated four years ago and I still think about her at least 3 times a week, through the life lessons she taught me and the memories I had while learning from her. I will never in my life be able to thank her for the continuing presence in my life.

Darren McCready, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

Mr. McCready is a kind, thoughtful, and patient teacher who the kids all love. He has his students’ best interests at heart at all times and always finds a way to get through to them. It is great to have a male role model in the elementary school setting and I’m grateful that he is my daughter’s teacher.

Linda Cotter, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Mrs. Cotter has been a part of my family’s life since she taught my son Joshua in grade 1. He’s now in Grade 6. Mrs. Cotter is still in his life, whether to congratulate him on when he has an awesome grade, send a little pick me up note when he’s sick, or to make a point of saying hello to him when she sees him around the school. She is the reason that he LOVES to read. We adore Mrs. Cotter and she will always be THAT teacher who made a difference in Joshua’s elementary education.

Fannie-Eve Prévost, Ste. Adèle Elementary School, SWLSB

A very special person who’s dedication to helping children learn a second language takes her to every grade in her school, (k-6). Small schools give teachers the opportunity to reach all students and get to know them well. She is loved and respected by all she meets.

Natalie Henri, REACH School, RSB

REACH school is so blessed to have Natalie as our Physical Education teacher! She exudes energy, passion, and a love for physical fitness which she not only passes off to our students every single day but to our amazing staff who work here as well! You can find her in her office working on a new gym project for the students, planning for Défi Sportif, or preparing a work out plan for our “staff” kick butt Thursdays. This woman never stops working, creating, and planning for us! We so appreciate everything she does and want her to know she ROCKS!

Alex Leiva, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, LBPSB

  • Always goes the extra mile.
  • Gets to know the children individually.
  • Gives all his attention to them.
  • Listens to parents concerns and works with them to best help our children.
  • Made a huge difference in my son’s life.
  • Never gives up on the kids and always encourages them.
  • You can tell how much he loves teaching and the students in his classes.
  • Always attentive and there when they need him most.
  • Teaches according to how the students learn best.

Editor’s Note: This post has been hijacked by LEARNers who want to show one of their own a wee bit of LOVE too. Dianne had no knowledge of this addition to the post 🙂

Dianne Conrod, Principal, LEARN

I feel blessed to call Dianne a colleague and friend, and have come to rely on her experience and guidance in my own work as a pedagogical consultant. Dianne is a fierce advocate for her teachers, a compassionate and well-informed sounding board for parents, and a caring mentor to all of her students. She infuses whatever she works on with a sense of joy and models gratitude daily. Her dance moves aren’t too shabby either. She is… simply the best!  -Kristine Thibeault

Thank you so much Dianne for all you do for our students, for the online teachers and particularly for me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say “Thank goodness we have Dianne ” You are always there for us. You are a great listener. And best of all, you always find the perfect solution. I am the #luckiestteacherintheworld. Thank you! I appreciate you and your hard work!  – Peggy Drolet

Dear Dianne,
One thing that I have quickly noticed from the first time we met is how devoted you are for your team <3 How can I not be appreciative of all this TLC?!? Not only did you bring me to feel comfortable while entering the virtual teaching world, you keep making sure I progress in my learning like the best teachers do! Thank you for being there and letting me be part of the A-team!    – Natalie Dahlstedt

As principal for LEARN’s online school, Dianne Conrod collaborates and coordinates with school administrators, students, and teachers in more than 20 locations around the province. No easy feat, but Dianne manages to do this on a regular basis and to do it exceptionally well. She is the most organized, composed, encouraging, and innovative educator that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks, Dianne!  – Kerry Cule

I know exactly what Dianne’s thinking as she’s reading this – “But this week is for teachers, and I’m not a teacher anymore!” Wrong. Dianne, you teach us every day how to lead. You show us, by your example, every day, how to stay positive, keep improving, and keep “caring” at the very top of our to-do lists. Your lessons don’t take place in a classroom, but they’re powerful and abiding nevertheless. Thank you for being OUR teacher.   – Audrey McLaren

If you missed the opportunity to speak from the heart and show a Quebec educator some love, add a comment below.